Year 5

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils enjoy attending the school and are full of enthusiasm for their learning. Pupils feel safe and are very positive about their school. They are polite and respectful towards others. Conduct in lessons and around school is impeccable." - Ofsted


Year 5 Staff:

Mrs H Mynott Director of Year 5
Miss A Novak 5AN
Mrs E Lovett  5FL
Miss C Ward 5CW
Mrs G Eno/Mrs F Hooper 5EH
Miss A Budden 5BU


Trips and Visits

Year 5 children have many exciting opportunities to learn outside the classroom. For example, in autumn, Birmingham Think Tank pay a visit to the school to inspire pupils during their ‘Fabulous Forces’ science topic.

Children also visit local churches as part of RS to compare different forms of Christian worship. In recent years, we have been able to visit St Godwald’s C of E, the Baptist Church and the Salvation Army in Bromsgrove.

In HSSE, our first topic is ‘Wonders of the World’. In a one-day workshop, pupils take part in various architectural activities including building sculptures and creating their own museum exhibit.

During the Spring Term, whilst conducting their local area study of Bromsgrove, pupils go on a geography field trip to the nearby canal. They really enjoy this trip because it engages them with their local area. Pupils learn to identify the features of a canal whilst also using and developing their practical skills to read maps, record land use and make detailed sketches of the environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to develop their teambuilding and communication skills, friendships, self-esteem, resilience and responsibility too.

In the summer term, Year 5 host a Circus Skills day to celebrate all of their hard work throughout the year. Pupils take part in a carousel of activities including juggling, plate spinning, poetry and puppetry. In addition to this, pupils spend an hour with a trained Circus Skills instructor, who teaches them to use a variety of specialised circus equipment.

During the year, there are also many opportunities for children to take part in music, sporting and other exciting, extra-curricular events to encourage and inspire them.


There are a number of very popular clubs in Year 5 from gardening to football. These are great opportunities for children to have fun and extend their learning.

You can usually join a club at any time. Check the "Extra Curricular" menu above and then just ask the teacher.

Homework Timetable

Children will normally receive maths and English homework each week. Every child has an English homework book, which contains spellings and either grammar exercises or a reading comprehension task, to be completed on a weekly basis. Their teacher tests the spellings in English lessons. Children make a note of which week they are on in their homework diary.

In addition, children should be reading their Renaissance books every night for 20 minutes, and asking parents/carers to sign their bookmarks in order to receive a reward. To support reading skills, pupils will find it helpful for parents/carers to ask a range of retrieval and inference questions based on their current Renaissance book.

In maths, pupils are given a homework folder and receive a task each week, which either consolidates prior learning or prepares them for the next topic. Pupils are also encouraged to practise times tables to 12 x 12 on a regular basis. Teachers may set online homework using websites such as Times Table Rockstars, Sumdog, Mathletics and MyMaths. Pupils will be given log-in details for these tools. If online homework cannot be completed at home, pupils have several opportunities to access these websites during clubs run in school throughout the week.

In addition to maths and English, Year 5 pupils may receive homework in science and HSSE. This could be a stand-alone task or part of an ongoing project.

There is a weekly Homework Club where pupils are able to complete both written and online homework with the support of Year 8 Peer Mentors and a member of staff.

Year 5 Healthy Snacks

As part of our Healthy School status, we encourage pupils to have healthy snacks for break time. Fresh or dried fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese or cereal bars are preferable over unhealthy options like chocolate, crisps and sugary sweets. Pupils must bring a bottle, filled with water, to school for use between lessons and at break time. Parents/carers are reminded though that no nuts should be brought in to school.