Design Technology is about making things that people want and that work well. 
Designing and Making products can be exciting, inventive and fun.

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“Tell me and I forget - show me and I may remember – let me do it and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

The Design and Technology Department believe that through the subject all pupils can learn to think

and intervene to improve their lives and environment.

They can develop lifelong practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues and industrial practices. They are encouraged to become the innovators of tomorrow.

The new national curriculum for Design and Technology aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world
  • build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users
  • critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others
  • Understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.

Department for Education

Pupils at Aston Fields Middle School will complete a carousel of Design and Technology subjects within each academic year. Each project has been developed to give individual pupil the chance to explore, experience and enjoy this creative and versatile subject.

An overview of the carousel for each year group is as follows*:

*all projects are continually reviewed and amended to suit the needs of the pupils at AFMS. The following is an overview of projects that have been completed to date, future projects may be an adapted version of the following:

Year 5

Expressive Arts Rotation – all year 5 pupils join a 5 week carousel of Expressive Art projects that are designed to give them a taster of all of the Design Technology disciplines, alongside other expressive and creative subjects. The rotation of projects is shown below:


Miss Bratton


Miss George


Miss Bryan

The great outdoors. Art and problem solving

Mrs Sneddon


Mrs Mynott


Miss Williams



Mrs Duerden

Bread Making




Design a waterpark Outdoor art activities and structure building Wall hangings Script writing and performance Wind spinners

Year 6

Food Technology with Miss R Bratton- pupils complete a Pizza and Scones project.

Year 6 ingredients shopping list

Within this project pupils will:

- learn the fundamentals of hygiene and safety in the food room DTY6 2  
DTY6 1  
DTY6 3
- complete a session of sensory analysis
- use a variety of resources to inform a design
- assess and evaluate their products, looking for ways of developing their product further
- learn key cooking skills through the completion 4 practical sessions:  
> a bread based cheese and tomato pizza
> sweet scones  



Resistant Materials with Mrs Duerden - pupils complete a Moving Toy project. Within this project pupils will:

        DTY6 5

DTY6 6

o   learn about tools and how to use them safely and efficiently        DTy6 4 
o   learn about resistant materials
o   learn about mechanisms and motion
o   investigate existing products (moving toys)
o   design original and eye-catching scene for their toy
o  make a working toy using a variety of tools and materials


Textiles with Mrs B Hook or Mrs H Mynott – pupils complete a Cushion project. Within this project pupils will:

> learn about the types and varieties of textiles
> will evaluate existing products
> experience using a sewing machine safely and effectively
> will use felt or create felt using their own unique designs to be applied as an image on their cushion cover
> will practice embellishment
> complete a usable, attractive and decorative cushion cover


Art with Miss E Pragnell, Miss R Bratton, Mrs S Duerden or Mrs B Hook– pupils study an artist in detail and produce art work in their style or inspired by their works of art.

DTY6 9 DTy6 7 DTY6 8 DTY6 10
Artists used within this project include: Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Georgia O’ Keefe and Henri Matisse

Year 7

Food Technology with Miss R Bratton: Pupils begin the Licence to Cook project, where they are taken through a series of theory and practical lessons that will introduce them to all of the key appliances and principles of basic cookery.

Year 7 ingredients shopping list

The Year 7 section of the project includes:

 Y7 4  Y7 5 Safety in the food room
Hygiene and Food Safety
Y7 2 Healthy Lifestyles and the Eatwell plate
Y7 3 Basic Knife Skills (Dips and Dippers)
Y7 1 Using the grill (Pizza Toast)
Y7 7 Sensory Analysis and Product Description
Y7 6 Baking (Rock Cakes and layered desserts)


Resistant Materials with Mrs S Duerden: pupils are introduced to a variety of resistant materials and basic mechanisms via a clock project.

Clock   Clock2 The project includes:
* Safety in the work shop
* Accessfm (a tool used to analyse existing products)
* Generating ideas
* 4 x 4 designing
* Graphic drawing 
* Making and decorating 
* Testing and evaluating


Textiles with Mrs Hook or Miss S George: in this project pupils are introduced to a variety of textile materials, techniques and skills.

This project includes:wet felting and the creation of a fully lined wet felted bag.
Creating fabric molars Craft2
Dying Y7 10
Wax Batik  
Embellishment Craft
There is an ELA linked to this project, in which pupils are asked to make a Silly Sock Creature or Puppet. Y7 11

Animation with Mr J Lewis: in this Stop-motion film making project, pupils are introduced to the world of animation.

Y7 12 This project includes:
An exploration of animation, past and present
Drawing techniques used to create animations
Set making
Using the Stop-motion programme on the D.T. departments Applemac’s, to record and edit an animated sequence
Adding music, sound effects, opening sequence and credits to complete a professional animation

Year 8

Food Technology with Miss R Bratton: pupils complete the Licence to Cook Project.

Year 8 ingredients shopping list

Is this section pupils:

Complete a recap of the safety considerations when working in the Food Room


Advanced food hygiene and safety
Tools in the food room
Advanced knife skills (fruit salad or pasta salad)
Using the hob (fajitas and bolognaise)
Advanced baking (decorated cakes)
Designing and making pasta dishes (posh macaroni cheese / pasta bake / chicken and bacon pasta)


Resistant Materials with Mrs S Duerden: pupils complete a plastics project that covers the following areas:

> Safety in the work shop
> Advanced investigation of resistant materials
> Developing skills and techniques using hand tools and work shop machinery
> Product Analysis
> Designing
> Making
> Testing
> Evaluating


Textiles with Miss S George: pupils will create neck warmers using recycled fabrics.

 Y8 8    Y8 9    
Y8 7 Y8 5


Systems and Control with Mr J Pavlovs or Mr J Lewis: Pupils will complete a project designing and making audio amplifiers and electronics with the BBC Microbit.

 Y8 10
 Y8 11
 Y8 12