Aston Fields Middle School CIEAG Policy Statement

‘The Government’s careers strategy sets out a long term plan to build a world class careers system that will help young people and adults choose the career that is right for them. To achieve this aim, the careers strategy sets out that every school providing secondary educations should use the Gatsby Charitable Foundation Benchmarks to develop and improve their careers provision…The Gatsby Benchmarks are not a statutory framework but by adopting them, schools can be confident that they are fulfilling their legal duties.’  - DfE January 2018 (Careers guidance and access for education and training providers)

Aston Fields Middle School has been working since the publication of this document, along with ‘Careers Strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents’ (DfE Dec 2017), to put in place a well-structured careers service for our pupils in Key Stage 3. The school has adopted the Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit and is also working with The Careers and Enterprise Company, who provide an adviser to our school to assist in ensuring best practice for our pupils in provision of careers information, advice and guidance. Our Careers Strategy and action plan is attached below.


 As part of the Learning for Life rotation in Year 8, all pupils receive lessons in careers guidance, engineering, first aid and mental health, healthy lifestyles and politics and government.

  • STEM workshops take place throughout the year for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils, including Forensic workshops and Engineering workshops
  • Links with Worcestershire Apprenticeship Scheme; Medical Mavericks (NHS roles) – assemblies
  • Visits to Science festivals and Careers forums such as the ‘Skills Show’ as well as University visits
  • International Women's Day Event - with a drop down day for all Year 7 pupils with invited inspirational women who discuss their careers
  • Visits to higher educational establishments. Previously these have included Birmingham University, Oxford University and Harper Adams University
  • Careers information is also provided during curriculum lessons and homework ELAs are designed to highlight links to careers in subjects such as Maths, Geography and Science

A full list of planned activities can be found on our Careers Strategy and action plan at the bottom of the page.

Parents and carers may like to access an online careers tool for Worcestershire which is aimed at supporting schools, pupils and parents with information about the Worcestershire labour market and employers in Worcestershire, as well as supporting careers advice and events. The website can be accessed from the following link:

KS3 Choices magazine

KS3 Choices                                   Choices for students with SEND across Worcestershire

Aston Fields Middle School has also met with the other middle schools in Bromsgrove, to ensure a consistent and coherent offer is available to all our pupils in the Bromsgrove Middle Schools Learning Partnership.

CIEAG Leader at Aston Fields Middle School

Mr G Hall, Deputy Headteacher has been appointed as the senior leader for CIEAG and is working closely with South Bromsgrove High School to ensure that our pupils are able to access a range of opportunities throughout Key Stage 3 and into Key Stage 4 at high school, as it is clear some of the benchmarks are designed to support older pupils. Mr Hall is supported by Ms K Jasper, Lead Teacher for CIEAG.

Mr G Hall or Ms Jasper can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone 01527 876026.

Management of provider access requests.

Providers wishing to request access should contact: Mr G Hall or Ms K Jasper – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opportunities for access to our curriculum and careers programme include opportunities for providers to come into school to speak to our pupils and/or their parents/carers. These can be arranged during timetabled Careers lessons or at other suitable times. Please speak to our designated staff member to identify the most suitable opportunity for your organisation.

The National Careers Service provides careers information, advice and guidance. Click on the following link for help with making decisions on learning, training and work at all stages in your career.

CIEAG Strategy

An audit of current provision for Years 7 and 8 was undertaken, closely followed by completion of the Compass Careers Benchmark tool, which helped the school to devise a coherent offer for our pupils. The Benchmarks are as follows:
Benchmark 1  - A Stable Careers Programme
Benchmark 2  - Learning from career and labour market information
Benchmark 3  - Addressing the needs of each pupil
Benchmark 4  - Linking curriculum learning to careers
Benchmark 5  - Encounters with employers and employees
Benchmark 6  - Experiences of workplaces
Benchmark 7  - Encounters with further and higher education
Benchmark 8  - Personal Guidance

The Careers and Enterprise Company provides the school with an adviser, who regularly meets with Mr Hall and Ms Jasper to enhance provision already in place, using the Compass audit tool.