With the shift from ICT to Computing, the curriculum has been written to match the needs of pupils in an ever changing computer environment.

All years are taught specific E-safety lessons that are age appropriate following the content.

Year 5 will investigate -
Digital Literacy across the curriculum and different Programming languages (Logo, Flowol, Scratch, Lightbot and Kodu).

Year 6 will investigate -
Digital Images & Editing, Web Awareness, and Video Editing.

Year 7 will investigate -
3D design, Spreadsheets, Advanced programming (Scratch, HTML + CSS), Hardware and software inside a computer.

Year 8 will investigate -
App Creation, Micro:bits, Advanced Spreadsheets and Python.

Go to: Year 8 ELA Homework Site


All pupils have their own Google Drive account where they can save all of their work. This enables pupils’ to not only share and work collaboratively, they can also share their documents with teachers too.

With the introduction of Google Classroom pupils will be able to submit and get feedback of their work online. This account is also linked to other services such as Codecademy, where pupil’s individual progress (whether in school or at google drive iconhome) can be monitored and reviewed.

Click here to go to Google.

Sign in with your usual user ID and password.

You will need to add: after your ID the first time you sign in on any computer/device.  You can copy and paste it from here.

Kodu ELA  Download Kodu  
(you will need to sign in to
with your usual username/password to access the site)
Kodu is a free Microsoft program (248mb download size)