This page provides access to the school's document library. Please refer to subject pages for information on what your child is learning, the year group pages for pastoral information and our policy page for school policies including the Behaviour for Learning Policy and Governing Body Complaints Procedure. If the document you are looking for isn't here, you could contact the school office.

Please note that other information on the school's admissions arrangements, curriculum, KS2 results, Behaviour for Learning Policy and the Governors' Charging and Remissions Statement can be found within the school's prospectus pages. (See prospectus link below).

KS2 results can be found in Appendix 1 in the prospectus. You can also access the Government School Performance Tables from the DfE website ( However, please be aware that these tables were designed to compare primary schools and, as such, do not provide a true representation of pupils’ performance across their four years at Aston Fields Middle School. They do not contain any information regarding Key Stage 3 performance and progress is not judged from pupils’ starting points when they arrive at Aston Fields Middle School in Year 5, but rather from KS1 including years 3 and 4 when pupils were not at middle school. Therefore, we ask that you exercise great caution with this data. Attainment and progress data for pupils across their four years at Aston Fields Middle School can be found on the progress page of this website and the Pupil Premium page. If you require any further information regarding pupils’ performance at the school, please contact Mrs J Birrell, Deputy Headteacher.

For financial inforamtion about the school please click here.