Sports Clubs & Sports Fixtures

Details of the many extra curricular sporting activities available at the school are published each term. Please see below for details of Sports Fixtures.

Please note some fixtures/clubs may have to be cancelled due to staff absence, weather conditions or other sporting fixtures. Parents will be informed of cancellations via the School website, Call Parent email/text or the P.E Department twitter page -

Autumn Term 2018 

Starts w/c 10th September 2018 unless stated











Morning (8.00am start) Y5,6 Football RM Y7,8 Dodgeball RM

Y5,6 Dodgeball RM

Y7,8 Football RM

Y5,6,7,8 AU Fitness (Outside coach) 

Y6,7,8 Basketball SG



Break Y7 Table tennis RM Y6 Table tennis RM Y5 Table tennis RM Y8 Table tennis RM

Y5,6 Girls’ Cricket (Outside coach)

Y6 Table tennis RM

Y8 FoursquareRM


Y5 Foursquare RM

Y7,8 Dance MP

Y7 Table tennis RM



Sports Leader reward RM/AB



Y8 House Basketball RM

Y5 Table tennis RM

Y7,8 Girls’ Cricket (Outside coach)

Y6 Foursquare RM

Y8 Table tennis RM

After School (3.30pm-4.30pm unless stated)

Y7,8 Rugby RM 4.45pm


Y5,6, Golf (Outside coach) Starts 17th September

Y5,6,7,8 Dance (Outside coach) Starts 1st October







Y5,6 Badminton JW/Outside coach 4.30pm


Y5,6 Tennis (Outside coach) Starts 25th September


Y7,8 Football RM 4.45pm

Y6 Netball CJ 





Y5 Netball SS


Y7,8 Girls' Football RM 4.45pm




Y5,6,7,8 Cricket (Outside coach) Starts 20th September

Y5,6 Rugby RM 4.45pm

Y7,8 Netball LV Starts 20th September

Y5,6  Girls' Football CS 4.45pm

Y5,6 Football RM 4.45pm


Y7,8 Girls' Basketball (Outside coach)