Year 8

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils enjoy attending the school and are full of enthusiasm for their learning. Pupils feel safe and are very positive about their school. They are polite and respectful towards others. Conduct in lessons and around school is impeccable." - Ofsted

Year 8 Staff:

Ms M Philip (SLE) Director of Year 8
Mr J Pavlovs 8JP
Ms M Philip (SLE) 8MP
Mrs R Winch/Mrs S Duerden  8RW
Mrs J Collins 8JC
Mr J Brooks 8JB


Year 8 Science STEM Workshop

DSCF1369Year 8 pupils were fortunate enough to experience a Science STEM workshop in the Spring term, run by the army. The officers introduced themselves and explained the situations they had been in during their careers, where their technological expertise had been used to great effect. Pupils were asked to imagine a scenario where an earthquake had taken place. They had to use information provided to design a lightweight helmet - this included looking at composite materials. Pupils also decided what additional equipment would be useful to the rescue services such as torches, radios, visors, GPS etc... 

Our visitors were very inspiring and were a fantastic role model for our pupils who then had some time to quiz the soldiers about their careers in the Army. 

“We thought that the men from the army were very inspirational, and we know that their job is very challenging and we respect them a lot. Designing the lightweight helmet was fun and an experience for everyone. In our helmet, we used gore-tex. We also included other materials such as kevlar and dyneema. Other accessories that I added were a torch, a camera and a radio. We really enjoyed their visit, it was an incredible experience and they inspired many of our year group to think about a role in the Army. ” Year 8 pupil.


The Skills Show

As part of the school's curriculum for Careers, Information, Education, Advice and Guidance (CIEAG), we arranged a trip for pupils in Year 8 to visit the NEC in Birmingham. We arrived in plenty of time at ‘The Skills Show’ and were impressed with the sheer size of the venue and the number of stands for our pupils to explore. A vast array of career opportunities and information on many occupations were on display for pupils, ranging from IT, Enterprise, Media, Creative, Engineering and Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, Hospitality and Lifestyle! much to see and do! Alongside the many stalls were ‘spotlight’ stages with specific shows and talks. Schools from all over the country attended and our pupils were very lucky to have a go at trying things they had never done before and also trying many job-related skills across a huge range of careers. Year 8 pupils made us very proud as they asked questions and showed a great interest in many of the exhibits. It was a very worthwhile day.


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 Following on from a successful visit to the Worcestershire Skills Show at the Chateau Impney Hotel, we are looking forward to a return visit for all our Year 8 pupils.


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Welcome to Year 8!

I hope you and your family have had a relaxed and enjoyable summer holiday and that all Year 8 pupils have returned, well rested and well prepared, for this important year at Aston Fields Middle School.  I am pleased to inform you that your child has already made a positive start and teachers are pleased with their positive attitude to learning.  Well done Year 8!

Year 8 form teachers, this year are Mrs Philip (8MP), Mr Pavlovs (8JP),  Mr Lewis (8JL), Mr Molesworth (8RM) and Mr Beacock (8NB).  In addition, Mrs Jasper and Mrs Brauchli will be supporting 8MP.

It is my intention, this year, that we work very much in partnership and I will endeavour to keep you informed of all important news, both general and individual, as and when it arises. Likewise, I would like to invite you to contact either your child’s form teacher or myself, if you have any concerns and we will work together to solve any issues.

It is very important to stress to your child that they give of their very best throughout this academic year, in all aspects of school life, to ensure that they get the most out of their learning opportunities.  To encourage this, I ask that Year 8 pupils:

  • Continue to behave appropriately, setting a good example to the rest of the school
  • Wear the correct school uniform, as set out in the prospectus
  • Arrive at school and to lessons on time. Pupils must be in school, ready for registration at 08.50 every morning
  • Complete and hand in homework on time
  • Have correct equipment in school, every day (i.e. pens, pencils, planner, crayons etc)
  • Ensure that mobile phones are handed into the office, before registration
  • Show politeness and good manners at all times
  • Strive to be the best they can be

Your child has been issued with a new school diary. Pupils have been asked to look after their diary and ensure it is brought to lessons every day. This is a tool for pupils to record homework, set targets and plan their time effectively. In addition, the diary is often used for teachers and parents/carers to communicate to each other, so I would strongly encourage parents/carers to regularly check your child’s diary and sign it every week.

I would like to inform you that, as part of the monitoring procedure for your child’s progress, “Academic Guidance” sessions will continue this year.  This involves Year 8 form teachers having one-to-one discussions with pupils, once every half term, to monitor and review progress.  The purpose of Academic Guidance is to close any barriers to learning and set targets to help all pupils enjoy and achieve in their education.

Finally, I am confident that this will be a very happy and positive year for all of us and I look forward to sharing in the forthcoming successes of your child.

Mr G. Hall

Director of Year 8 and the Year 8 team