Year 7

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils enjoy attending the school and are full of enthusiasm for their learning. Pupils feel safe and are very positive about their school. They are polite and respectful towards others. Conduct in lessons and around school is impeccable." - Ofsted

Year 7 Staff:

Miss R Bratton Director of Year 7
Mrs A Taylor 7AT
Ms K Jasper/Miss K McNamara 7JM
Mrs A Claydon 7AC
Mrs J Campbell 7JC
Miss Y Langston 7YL

Welcome to Key Stage 3

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Welcome To KS3 - Introduction To Our Collection Of Videos From Mrs Hales - Head Of School - Acting Headteacher Welcome To KS3 2021 - Introduction By Miss Bratton - Director Of Year 7
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Year 7 Cross-Curricular Trip to the Lickey Hills

As part of enriching pupils' learning, all Year 7 pupils are invited on a trip to explore the Lickey Hills.

Pupils learn about the area's fascinating features and history via a series of interactive activities linked to geography, science, history, art, and English.

The year group is split into smaller groups to complete tasks that challenge them artistically, creatively, physically, and intellectually.

It is a great outdoor day, enjoyed by all staff and pupils.


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Year 7 - Be the Kind Kid

The Year 7 display is all about being the best pupil you can be. Words of inspiration have been used as the focus of the display to give pupils something to think about on their walk through the school.

Year 7 Display

World Book Day

The Year 7 team were impressed by the number of pupils who came dressed as their favourite book characters for World Book Day.

There was a parade where pupils showed off the hard work they put into making the costumes. Staff had a very difficult time choosing the winners out of the many fabulous costumes.

A book gift voucher was the prize for the best costumes.

The prize went to:
Ella as Fantastic Mr Fox and Nicolas as Mr Stink

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Year 7: Feeling Tropical with a Caribbean Themed All Different All Equal

Year 7 enjoyed a Caribbean themed day as part of Aston Fields Middle School’s, All Different All Equal initiative.
Pupils rotated around five, hour-long activities organised by the Year 7 staff. Activities included:

• Caribbean food tasting with the help of Andi Collins of caterers AIP, who demonstrated and shared a Caribbean fruit smoothie as one of the foods for the pupils to taste

• Getting Arty with oil pastel art work

• Getting Active with Traditional Caribbean games

• Getting Creative with Travel brochures: promoting the wonders of the Caribbean

• Getting Musical with a drumming workshop, where pupils worked with ‘Glamba’ led by the inspirational Nick

It was a great day with fun had by all. The Year 7 staff were thrilled with the pupils’ participation and enthusiasm.


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Cash Scrambles

The pupils and staff at AFMS participate in an annual fundraiser in November to raise money for Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala, Uganda.

Pupils use their imaginations and ingenuity to create stalls with games, tasty goodies and activities to entice their peers to part with their money for this worthy cause.



Y7StemYear 7 STEM Workshops

Throughout the academic year, Year 7 pupils participate in workshops lead by STEMworks, an organisation that specialises in hands on workshops linked with science, technology, engineering and maths.
Workshops to date have included:
•Building wind-powered electric items
•Building solar-powered cars

Year 7 Science: Forensic Workshops

Annually, the science department at Aston Fields Middle School arrange for Forensic Workshops to be delivered to Year 7 pupils, by three experienced Crime Scene Investigators from Think Forensic.
The pupils investigate techniques such as finger printing, blood spatter and microscopy. A mock up murder of Professor Pickles in the Lab, leads the pupils to investigate a crime scene using real CSI equipment to solve the case.
The pupils are always excited about putting on their forensic suits, working in teams to collect evidence and solve the crime!
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Y7TheatreYear 7 Experience the Theatre

M&M productions are coming into Aston Fields Middle School again this year to perform a pantomime to our pupils. M&M Productions are a professional theatre company that bring the theatre with them with an impressive mobile stage. The pupils really enjoy the audience participation, the actors’ upbeat performances and the impressive theatrical effects and it is a chance for all pupils to experience the atmosphere of ‘live’ theatre.


French Trip 

Day 1

Menin Gate War Memorial was our first destination of what turned out to be a memorable trip. This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to see where soldiers from many countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia fought during World War 1. We then had time to unwind and treat ourselves in some of Ypres’ chocolate shops before heading to our next destination. We travelled the short distance to Passchendaele; this was one of the many battlegrounds during World War 1. The pupils had the opportunity to explore the underground bunkers and trenches used during the battle, whilst also learning about different weapons used and who they were used by.

To finish our fantastic first day in France, we made our way to the Chateau which would be our home for the next three nights.

Day 2

We started the day by visiting the St. Omer Market, where the we had chance to explore different stalls selling a range of fresh French produce. This was our first chance to put their French speaking skills to use. We then made our way to the boulangerie and this was the highlight of the day with both staff and pupils enjoying themselves whilst making croissants. The chocolate factory was the final visit of our fun-filled second day in France; pupils tried their hand at decorating their own chocolate bars and were then given the chance to spend their money in another chocolate shop.

Day 3

Nausicaa sea life centre was the first stop of our final day in France. The pupils explored the centre in small groups, meeting lots of animals along the way such as: excitable penguins and very clever sea lions. Pupils later relaxed by eating lunch on the beach whilst we enjoyed the warm French sun! Unfortunately this was short lived due to a change in weather. Later on we visited the old town in Boulogne where we got a feel of French culture by walking around the local church.

Day 4

Before we made the long journey back to school, we visited a hypermarket, this was the final chance pupils had to buy French produce and gifts for their friends and family. After a busy and exciting few days in France we said goodbye and headed to Calais where we caught the Eurotunnel back.