Shire Services provide school meals on behalf of the school. A menu and an information leaflet can be seen below.

Pupils do not need to pre-order their meal and can choose on the day. If you pay for your meals, payments will be made via ParentPay. If you do not have a ParentPay account, please contact the school for details of how to set one up.

To pay for your meals, add funds to your ParentPay account under the category 'school meals' and indicate which days your child would like to take a meal, this will be very helpful for production and your account will not be debited until the meal has been taken. Pupils are also able to purchase drinks and snacks; these do not need to be pre-ordered as long as funds are available on ParentPay and your account will be debited as items are purchased.

The current cost for a meal including a pudding is £2.53.


 One week menu