Contact Details

Aston Fields Middle School

Drummond Road
Aston Fields
B60 2ET

Telephone 01527 876026

Please note that school office hours are 8.30am to 4.15pm. You are welcome to leave a message on the answerphone outside of these hours.


Contact Information:

To ensure you are put through to the right person, please kindly note the following:

  1. For initial queries relating to pupils please ask for your child’s class teacher/form tutor. The vast majority of queries can be successfully dealt with at this level.
  2. If you feel that your child’s class teacher/form tutor has not been able to successfully deal with your enquiry, please then ask to speak to either a) the relevant Director of Year Group or b) the relevant Director of Subject or c) the SENDCo. Please refer to the staff list below for details.

Directors of Year Group Teams

Ms A Nowak Director of Year Group 5
Mrs L Wildsmith Director of Year Group 6
Miss R Bratton Director of Year Group 7
Ms M Philip (SLE) Director of Year Group 8

Directors of Subject

Mrs H Weston & Mr N Bennison Mathematics
Mrs J Birrell (SLE) English/Inclusion/Intervention Manager/Specialist Leader of Education 
Mrs C Macdonald English
Mrs E Lovett English
Miss K McNamara Science
Mr J Pavlovs IT/Computing 
Mrs S Duerden Art
Miss R Bratton Design and Technology
Mr J Brooks History/Lead Teacher for Disadvantaged Pupils including Pupils with SEND, LAC & PLAC Pupils.
Mrs A Taylor Geography
Mr G Hall (SLE) Music / Specialist Leader of Education for Music, Behaviour for Learning and ECTs
Mr C Delaney MFL
Ms M Philip (SLE) RE, PSHCE & RHSE/ Specialist Leader of Education/Head for Character Education
Mr R Molesworth (SLE) PE and Sports Games Organiser / Specialist Leader of Education 

Other Useful Contacts

SEND Miss C Ward, SENDCo & Mrs R Winch, Deputy SENDCo
Attendance Mrs M Stacey - Attendance Officer
Communication (worried you may not be receiving letters etc.) Elaine Jones - Communications Manager
School Finance Mrs J Pearson - School Business Manager

3. On the rare occasions where a situation has not been resolved at stage 1 and 2 above, please ask to speak to the Senior Leadership Team contacts as listed below:

Queries relating to: Staff

Teaching and learning, curriculum, innovation, day to day routines, assessment, testing, pupil targets & reports, pupils not making expected progress, English, Interventions Manager, National Tutoring Programme & Covid-19 recovery, Inclusion.

Mrs J Birrell - Deputy Headteacher
Behaviour and anti-bullying and pastoral, breaktimes and lunchtimes, pupils welfare and safety, National Tutoring Programme & Covid-19 recovery, Music and Expressive Arts, Pastoral, homework and wider curriculum including Character Education, and queries relating to Careers Information, Education, Advice and Guidance, Primary Sports Strategy, DPO and admissions, deputy safeguarding lead, ECT's, educational visits/trips co-ordinator, High School transition. Mr G Hall - Deputy Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead, Child Protection, safeguarding children including online safety and PREVENT, pupils' welfare and safety, child protection, mental-health lead, equality, diversity and inclusion. Mrs H Mynott - Assistant Headteacher
Attendance, behaviour and safety, breaktimes and lunchtimes, reports, curriculum, deputy safeguarding lead, Year 6, First School transition. Mrs L Wildsmith, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum, pupil premium, teacher for disadvantaged pupils including pupils with SEND, LAC & PLAC, transport, gifted, talented & most able, deputy safeguarding lead. Mr J Brooks, Associate Assistance Headteacher

4. If you feel the matter has not been resolved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, as mentioned above, please contact Mrs A Hales, Headteacher.