Intent & Implementation

Our curriculum, for all year groups, is designed to ensure coverage of the national curriculum content whilst providing plenty of opportunities for pupils to develop a deeper appreciation of the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Our intent is to ensure pupils leave Aston Fields Middle School with the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage of their education and beyond and a desire to continue learning. For this reason, our curriculum harnesses a cyclical approach - pupils have multiple opportunities to master and improve their skills in any area, practise methods and knowledge, applying it to new and more challenging problems. In this way, we can help pupils move their knowledge and skills from short term to long term memory. By ensuring that our curriculum plans for the progression of key skills and knowledge across a pupil’s four years at Aston Fields Middle School, from the challenges of the number based KS2 curriculum to the more complex applications learnt at KS3, staff are able to re-engage past learning and build upon it. For example, pupils learn their multiplication tables in lower KS2 (at first school), they then use these to learn how to find and use powers, such as squaring in Years 5 & 6, this knowledge is expanded into indices and their rules at KS3 and from there into practical applications such as Pythagoras’ Theorem. From Aston Fields Middle School, pupils will then use this knowledge at high school to expand their skills in algebra, shape and number - including algebraic factorisation and trigonometry.


Ultimately, these skills prepare pupils for a range of employment opportunities from the building trade, architecture and engineering, to book keeping, accountancy and finance, and much more.

Our approach is very successful - pupils really do know more, remember more and they demonstrate this in their ability to do more!

None of this is possible without our staff. The teaching of mathematics is led by Mr Bennison & Mrs Weston, Directors of Mathematics. The subject is taught by outstanding primary and secondary practitioners, who bring excellent subject knowledge and years of experience to the classroom. The department thrives on team work, the sharing of good ideas and the strengthening of subject knowledge through cooperation and collaboration. Your child will be taught by teachers who are passionate about numeracy and the pivotal role it plays in children’s education and their futures.

Maths Presentations from Curriculum Evenings:

Year 5 Maths Presentation
Welcome To KS2 Maths - Mrs Weston - Lead Teacher for KS2 Mathematics



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