Year 5 Homework Timetable

We regard homework as an important extension to your child’s education in Year 5. All children will be given regular homework in the Core subjects of English (to include daily reading) and Maths. The homework set will vary in amount but it is expected that an average of 30 / 45 minutes will be spent on each subject. This might of course be longer for children who take more time or for those who may wish to do more.


  Set on Due in
 All groups  Friday Tuesday


   Set on Due in
 All groups  Thursday Tuesday

Pupils may also be given spellings and multiplication tables to learn. Homework in other subjects will not be set every week but some tasks will be set as appropriate, as explained in the Homework Policy. During periods of Testing and Report writing pupils may receive less homework.

Every child is issued with a new Homework Diary in which they record all tasks to be undertaken, their achievements, awards, house points, messages and other items of information. The diary also acts as an important means of communication between school and home. You are very welcome to make comments or communicate information to us through the diary. We welcome your support with homework and it will be greatly appreciated if you could help and encourage your child to complete their tasks on time. We would also be grateful if you could check and sign your child's Homework Diary each week.

If there is a valid reason for homework not being completed on time through illness or problems at home please put a note in the diary stating the reason.