Worcestershire County Council and Aston Fields Middle School are pleased to inform you that we will have now introduced Payments 4 Schools - an online payment system that will allow you to make payments using a DEBIT or CREDIT card.  This will include payments for school trips and activities, music tuition, school fund donation, charity events, food tasting, to name but a few.

Benefits for parents/carers:

  • Do not have to send cash/cheques into school with child
  • Payment can be by debit or credit card (no charge for credit card payments) 
  • Any credit or debit card can be used (ie. grandparents and friends can make payments on the child’s behalf)
  • Online receipts emailed to parent
  • Payment can be made in instalments for ANY trip or activity – eg. £5 per week for total trip cost of £15.00 providing full payment is made before start of trip
  • Parent can log on and make multiple payments at the same time – eg. Music tuition, trip payment, food tasting and PGL
  • Secure – parents have received a unique reference number for their child

How to pay

On line: use our secure internet facility at: Payment4Schools

What you will need to make a payment?

1. A valid debit or credit card.
2. Pupil identification number (advised by letter).

What if you need help?

Click on the helpsheet below

If you have any further problems please contact the school on 01527 876026 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.