Maths at Aston Fields

laptopMathematics is taught in a fun and interactive format making use of an extensive range of resources both inside and outside the classroom. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and pupils are encouraged to apply their mathematics to a variety of situations. In addition there are two computer suites and a class set of laptops available for lessons that allow pupils to use mathematical software.


Key Stage 2

We aim to provide personalised learning for pupils based on ability and their individual strengths. The policy for teaching calculation was reviewed by both first and middle schools and it is expected pupils will benefit from a common policy as they move from first to middle school. Curriculum evenings for Year 5 parents will be held in the autumn term to strengthen the home school partnership. Pupils sit their Key Stage 2 mathematics SAT at the end of Year 6. 

maths strawsKey Stage 3

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 was designed to provide pupils with a strong foundation for their GCSE studies. Pupils build on their knowledge from Key Stage 2 becoming fluent - applying their skills to new problems, extending their knowledge of shape and statistics, whilst building greater mastery of key arithmetic skills. 



Year 5

Pupils are taught within ability groups from the autumn term of Year 5. Decisions are based on the information received from the first schools and baseline assessments completed within their first month at Aston Fields. This ensures from the outset that the children are taught mathematics at the level and pace most appropriate to their needs.

As pupils settle into school they are constantly monitored and each half term their progress is assessed and their position reviewed. Some pupils settle very quickly, others take longer so we feel it is important to allow them time to adjust to their new surroundings.

maths buildingYear 6, 7 and 8

In Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils are taught in sets and the process of assessing and reviewing continues each half term.


Lower sets have smaller numbers of pupils and are supported by teachers and teaching assistants to help further meet the needs of individual pupils with SEND.

Booster Groups

Booster groups operate in Year 6 for pupils to help them to achieve the expectations of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and meet their full potential. We have also continued to run small group tuition for pupils as part of the government’s plans for personalised learning. 

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented pupils are encouraged to apply their knowledge of mathematics not only to carry out investigations and solve puzzles but also to generate investigations of their own and offer formal proofs. Higher ability pupils in all years take part in the Primary and Junior Mathematics Challenges and, every year, many are awarded gold, silver and bronze certificates. They are encouraged to take part in mathematics workshops and to enter national competitions. North Bromsgrove High School runs a ‘code breaking’ morning for Year 7 pupils working at greater depth.


Assessment is a combination of teacher assessment based on oral and written class work and homework tasks coupled with formal assessment tests. Preparation for exams is carefully planned and involves everything from pupils tackling exam questions in groups as part of their lessons, to homework tasks, to practise tests under test conditions.
The aim of the department is to support and extend pupils to foster confidence and progress.